4 Stocks with Potential to Move Up Further

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“You must devote some time every day to the subject of investment.” – Gerald Loeb

We locked one big winner today Monday (September 12th)

PRGO = 33.70% Gains ($155 per contract)

Our Trades Update – FB & NFLX

Early morning today we sent you trade alert informing you that we went long on FB and NFLX via Calls. Both FB and NFLX moved up from the time we sent you the alert. We hope you got in. We have un-booked gains in these two.

FB and NFLX has formed Piercing Candle pattern which is bullish reversal pattern.

The definition of Piercing Candle is as follows:

“A bullish two day reversal pattern. The first day, in a downtrend, is a black day. The next day the stock opens at a new low, then closes above the midpoint of the body of the first day.”

Charts of FB and NFLX are shown below.

We have also included SINA and SOHU charts to show you the bullishness of these stocks. We believe both SINA and SOHU will move further up.





We have 15 winners this past week (September 6th – September 9th)

Out of 15 winners, 5 came on this Friday.

Markets were open for only four days.

These are the winners on Friday.

1 – WYNN Calls = 31.91% Gains

2 – WYNN Calls = 50.00% Gains

3 – LULU Puts = 18.46% Gains

4 – TJX Puts = 25.00 Gains

5 – MO Puts = 31.91% Gains

Other Ten Winners (Tuesday to Thursday)

6 – WDC Calls = 235.71% Gains

7 – WDC Calls = 50.00% Gains

8 – APA Calls = 56.52% Gains

9 – AAPL Puts = 25.00% Gains

10 – CNC Puts = 32.14% Gains

11 – VLO Calls = 23.26% Gains

12 – LLY Calls = 30.77% Gains

13 – COST Puts = 20.00% Gains

14 – TWLO Calls = 40.00% Gains

15 – RRC Calls = 20.83% Gains

We Made Out Like Bandit

We made out like bandit on WDC Calls (235.71% Gains)

One member reported $18,000 Profits.

Another one reported $8,800 Profits.

Another reported $5,400 Profits.

Real-Time Trade Alerts

Real-time trades alerts are sent during trading hours.

Each trade alert comes with specific buy price and three targets and stop.

Constant guidance and update is provided.

You are not left alone in trading.

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List of More Recent Winners

MCK Puts = 27.78% Gains

ESRX Puts = 50.00% Gains

TWLO Calls = 24.44% Gains

RH Calls = 23.33% Gains

BIDU Calls = 27.78% Gains

CREE Puts = 58.82% Gains

CYBR Calls = 24.14% Gains

DG Calls = 12.00% Gains

GILD Calls = 20.69% Gains

DVN Calls = 37.50% Gains

DE Calls = 39.39% Gains

UA Calls = 27.03% Gains

EAT Calls = 57.14% Gains

WSM Calls = 32.50% Gains

YNDX Calls = 12.00% Gains

WBA Calls = 20.00% Gains

PANW Calls = 25.00% Gains

QVCA Calls = 20.00% Gains

APA Calls = 38.46% Gains

VLO Calls = 25.93% Gains

DE Calls = 33.93% Gains

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Our Recent Triple Digits Winners:

LNKD Calls = 1533.33% Gains

WDC Calls = 235.71% Gains

MW Calls = 180.00% Gains

GME Calls = 168.75% Gains

YY Calls = 166.67% Gains

AAL Calls = 120.69% Gains

BWA Puts = 120.00% Gains

AAPL Calls = 120.00% Gains

AAPL Calls = 100.00% Gains

Imagine how much your portfolio would have gone up locking these gains. And these are not the only winners we have in our portfolio.

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“If it is Important to You, You will find a way. If Not, You’ll find an Excuse!”

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