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  • Amgen Inc (AMGN) – Riding the Pharmaceutical Highs

    Pharmaceutical research, development, sales and marketing is one of the truly global industries, with competition from almost every corner of the globe striving to treat disease that affect the global population. And no wonder, as the prizes on offer for years of meticulous research and commercialization can be “blockbuster drugs” that earn over one billion […]

  • Technical Analysis of BURL

    BURL today is breaking resistance. We are long for last few days.

  • Technical Analysis of LB

      LB gapped up today and moving up nicely. We believe LB will move up towards $44 level.


    “The possession of anything begins in the mind.” Bruce Lee Once again parasites are out with their newsletters scaring readers by saying “Trump rally is over” Some saying “Trump rally is over or not over” They have no clue They just want our money to tell us NOTHING. So I tell you that Trump rally […]

  • How Our Trading System Works!

    Our trading system is unique! Our style of option trading is unique! We do not send out some useless lengthy fundamental analysis (by copying and pasting from another website) to our members to waste their valuable time. We do not show one dozens moving averages on the chart. Our trading is simple! Our trading algorithm […]

  • Happy Holidays

    There is no time more fitting to say “Thank You” and to wish you Happy Holidays Season and a New Year of health, happiness, and prosperity. Thanks to your continued trust, we keep rapidly growing. It seems to us that every Holiday Season is better than the previous because all of you make this a […]

  • Why We are so Awesome in Stocks and Options Trading

    Choosing an options trading advisory service is not something that should happen by accident. It should never be something you “happen upon” because you want to choose a service that is truly going to help you be successful. That’s why it’s so important for us to share why we are so awesome. It can tell […]

  • How To Master The Mentor – Protégé Relationship in Options Trading

    When you decide you want to get involved in options trading, it can seem daunting. After all, there are symbols, prices, net change, volume that fill the screen. How are you supposed to make sense of it all in order to be successful? You could choose to spend years researching the markets and learning on […]

  • How Frustration Can Help You Master the Trade

    There is a small divide between those who do things and those who master things. It is easy to accomplish activities if you aren’t yet adept at managing them, but the results are going to be less than opportune. The reality is that it is the masters who make the tasks better. They get better […]

  • Seven Habits of a Successful Trader

    Successful traders have many similarities amongst themselves. If you have explored options trading services, you may want to take a good look at who you are and what habits you maintain. There are several that can identify you as someone who could be extremely successful with trading. There are many people getting involved in options […]