Dow Jones, S&P, NASDAQ 100

On Friday NASDAQ 100 closed at 2676. Last week I had mentioned NASDAQ 100 support as 2655. NASDAQ 100 came to 2660 and rose to 2739 and then pulled back. AAPL, PCLN, GOOG are not helping at all. NASDAQ 100 must close above 2746 to continue its journey upward. The supports below are 2655 and 2615.

S&P must close above 1395 to continue its upward journey. It hit 1392 and pulled back and closed at 1378 on Friday.

As of this writing it is the Dow Jones which is sitting just below the level from where the buy signal will trigger. Dow Jones closed at 13029 on Friday. If next week it closes above 13,130 on any day then it would trigger buy signal with the target of 14,000. Support below is 12,615 and it should not go below 12,615 otherwise target of 14,000 will no longer be valid. In summary there are two prices to watch for in Dow Jones and these are 13,130 and 12,615.




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