How Frustration Can Help You Master the Trade

There is a small divide between those who do things and those who master things. It is easy to accomplish activities if you aren’t yet adept at managing them, but the results are going to be less than opportune. The reality is that it is the masters who make the tasks better. They get better results. They get more satisfaction from their results. How do they set that divide?

It is normal to be frustrated when you start learning a new task. What normally happens is that you quit before you’re ahead. What this means is that you put time into learning but soon become frustrated and disappointed. You did the studying you were supposed to; you focused on what you were supposed to study and you still seem iffy on your results. What is important though, especially at the beginning, is to never give into those feelings of frustration.

Many people do- they get tired of being frustrated and throw in the towel on their stocks and options trading. What they don’t realize is that they could shift their process and see success. Don’t fall into the category of worker who misses the mark at such a small fraction of misstep. Don’t be the person who has moments of doubt cloud your present combined with a memory of the past experience that rises to the surface. This is a surefire way of failing at the job!

What you will find is that a good number of people never make the mark because of failing to make that small shift that would make the notable difference. That difference isn’t just determination either. You can be determined as anyone but still get the wrong results because your determination is channeled in the wrong direction! In reality results are the combination of determination, as combined with faith and trust. Yes- it is an intuitive science. The good news though is that as you get used to doing it, your innate abilities will surface and start to give you the outcomes that you really want. As you learn to rely on those abilities, you will find that you elevate in trusting the entire process. This is what gives you the strength to trudge on well past the point as which others slow down or mentally quit. They throw in the towel and fail as a result.

You aren’t going to be like that though—or, at least, you don’t have to be like that. You can learn to use your experience and determination to develop the faith and trust in your decisions that will truly bring you success. It can be a long process, but once you get it, you will know! You’ll start to make those master decisions that bring you success and others will start to ask what you’re doing that is so different from what they are doing. They’ll want to know your secret and how you are having so much success when they are failing time and time again.

When it comes to truly mastering any skill, time is the key ingredient to focus on. As you continue to work with different practices steadily, you will notice that over days and weeks certain elements of the skill you’re learning become hardwired. When at first they were difficult to tackle and you struggled with even understanding how to start, now you’re becoming more in tune with the process and how it is supposed to work. As your innate abilities start to take root and flourish, this is where you are going to see the magic truly start to happen.

You’ll know that the process is working because you’ll feel different. You’ll suddenly start to understand the big picture, rather than all the tiny details that aren’t working. As your mind starts to focus on the bigger scheme of things, you’ll elevate your focus to look beyond the mired details. All of the things that are small and insignificant will be nothing more than distractions to you from that point on. You will find that intuitively you have no desire or need to even acknowledge them formally; you know they are there—they always will be—but your master’s vision is so heightened that you are targeted on the larger picture and can’t be distracted from it. Those days of worrying about the small stuff are long gone and you have no desire, or want, to return to them.

It is a miraculous sensation you feel when you get to the master’s vision and start to practice it. You’ll be lead intuitively from that point on, regardless of the talent level you were born with. It isn’t a matter of “this is what you have to work with”; rather, it gives anyone the exact intuitive vision to work at top capacity beyond the natural resources they began with.

You will find that as you reach master’s level the only real impediment to its continued growth is yourself and your emotions—panic, frustration, boredom and insecurity can stand in the way of your stocks and options trading. It can render you helpless if you let it. What is important to realize—especially as a master—is that you aren’t going to evolve out of these feelings. There is never a day when they no longer exist to you. There will be a day, however when you acknowledge them, but they are irrelevant.

The key way for masters to continue working is to have faith in the process. The boredom naturally goes away as you enter the cycle. The state of panic will disappear after you go through repeatedly expose yourself to it. The frustration you feel is just a clear sign of true progress—it is a sign that the mind is processing the complexity and is in need of more practice. Your insecurities will transform into the opposite when you gain the mastery that you’re working hard for. By trusting that this will all happen naturally, you are engaging in the natural learning process that will propel you forward. As you trust and have faith, you will find that everything else just falls into place.


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