How Our Trading System Works!

Our trading system is unique!

Our style of option trading is unique!

We do not send out some useless lengthy fundamental analysis (by copying and pasting from another website) to our members to waste their valuable time.

We do not show one dozens moving averages on the chart.

Our trading is simple!

Our trading algorithm identifies trades where Big Boys are buying and selling.

We use simple candlesticks patterns such as hammer, piercing, doji and shooting star.

We tell you our logic of the trade based on what stock is doing “NOW” and what it will do “NEXT”.

We explain the trade in such a way that even “CAVEMAN” can understand, why we are executing the trade and what stock is expected to do in next few days.


  • Real-Time Trades Alerts
  • Specific Buy Price
  • Three Targets and a Stop
  • Technical Analysis
  • Continuous Education


  • Fancy Strategies
  • Headaches
  • Ignorance
  • Loser Trades

trading system

1–Our Trades are Real-Time

Our unique trading algorithm runs during trading hours looking for unique trading opportunities. As soon as our strict criteria met for the long or short trade an alert is generated informing us. We then further evaluate the trade by going through the steps we have set for ourselves. Once the trade passes through these strict criteria, we send out trade alert via email or short message service (aka sms). Our members receive these trade alerts on real-time basis.

2 – We Provide Specific Buy Price

Each trade consists of clear and concise buying instructions.

For example if our system identifies AAPL (Apple Inc.) as long and it is trading at $114. Our trading alert will look like this

AAPL = February 115 Calls = Buy at $4.00

3–We Provide Three Targets and Stop

Our algorithm also generates three targets for the trade. These targets are sent shortly after the buy alert is sent to members.

The email looks like this:

Subject Line of Email

AAPL = February 115 Calls = Targets

Body of Email:

Green Target = $116.25

Yellow Target = $118.55

Red Target = $121.65

Stop = $110.80

Explanation of Targets

In our trading system guidebook we have explained our three targets terminology as follows:

Green Target – This is the immediate target which I expect the stock to hit quickly. The probability of hitting the target is 95%

Yellow Target – This is the next target after the green target. We expect stock to continue towards yellow target after taking a short rest at green target. This is the target where we sell majority of our contracts as we expect stock to pullback after hitting yellow target. However, we send out alert if our algorithm detects immediate move beyond yellow target so that our members can maximize gains by staying beyond yellow target. The probability of stock hitting the yellow target is 85%

Red Target–Red target is the ultimate target where the stock is headed. After hitting the red target we expect stock to pullback towards yellow target. Therefore, the advice to members is to sell all contracts at red target and close the trade.

Sometimes stocks gap up or gap down and we revise our targets and send the alerts to members. Along with revised targets we send out detailed strategy in which we describe our detailed plan on how to manage the trade to maximize gains.

Not all trades go in our direction right away – we acknowledge it. When stock pull back to our support or resistance level, we send out trade alerts in the form of update.

Why We Average Down or Up?

A – Averaging Down

AAPL = February 115 Calls = Buy More

AAPL has pulled back to our support price of $111.10

February 115 Calls which we bought for $4.00 are trading at $3.00

Buy More February 115 Calls

If you don’t have February 115 Calls then initiate new position.

B – Averaging Up

AAPL = February 115 Calls = Buy More

AAPL has gapped up and we suggest you add more to your existing position.

We bought February 115 Calls at cost of $4.00. These are trading at $5.00.

Buy More.

Logic for Buying More

Let’s say we are long AAPL via February Calls and our position is doing fine. Then the news come out and stock gaps up and our trading algorithm is indicating us that AAPL will go up much further than we anticipated or it will move aggressively towards our red target. In this situation we treat this trade as brand new and buy more Calls even at higher price than we originally bought. Or we buy one strike further up so that we can maximize our gains.

4 – We Provide Technical Analysis of Our Trades

We believe “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.”

Therefore, we constantly provide technical analysis on various stocks and the trades we are executing. This way our members become expert chartists and become independent soon. Few members do go on their own journey but our members stay with us to continuously learn from us while they earn.

5 – We Provide Continuous Education to Our Members

What is the real value of options trading education? One can answer this question by considering how much a losing trade may cost! Then, consider the cost of five or ten losing trades. On top of that, include the emotional trauma created by a dwindling account balance or a margin call!

We believe information is power. And when it comes to stocks and options trading, it isn’t just power, it is everything. The best traders in the world, from the billion dollar hedge funds managers to the investor making decisions from his home office are successful because they are on top of the information game.

That is why we bring you extensively researched and well-presented online options trading education experience through emails. These will make you learn about stocks and investing to build your knowledge and lay the foundation for your ultimate success as a trader.

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