How To Master Options Trading Like Darwin

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We are constantly reminded by the greatest masters in the world, past and present. There is almost always a point in their lives where they began to develop their future powers, similar to that of a chrysalis of a butterfly.

It’s this point in the lives of the masters, seen as a self-directed apprenticeship, which receives almost no recognition or attention. It is because it didn’t contain their greatest achievement or discovery. However, the apprenticeship stage is perhaps the most important because this is when their minds are transforming in ways that we cannot see. However, the seeds for success have been planted.

How a Master Navigates the Apprenticeship Stage

Many masters will navigate the apprenticeship stage using intuition. Upon closer look, there lies reveal a pattern transcending the field in which they are known. This pattern needs to be understood as a way for us all to follow it in our own unique ways.

Passing through an apprenticeship is critical as it allows us to learn and to model our behavior appropriately.

Throughout our childhood, we are part of a culture where there is a significant amount of dependency. It is far longer than any other Animal on the planet. We learn a variety of things during this stage of dependency. This includes language, writing, reasoning skills, math, along with much more. We have parents and teachers who are guiding us every step of the way. As we get older, there is more emphasis on book learning, and we focus on learning various subjects. Most of it is passive absorption, though, at some point, we are then on our own in order to deal with the real world.

Often, we are not fully prepared to go from the state of dependency to an independent stage. We have learned from books, teachers, and other sources, though we are not ready to self-direct the next stage of our life. We are often unprepared for politics and are socially naïve. We are not certain about our identity and various misconceptions proved to be difficult to deal with when out in the world.

Charles Darwin is identified as the father of evolutionary biology. In his autobiography, he identified himself as being a “naughty child area” he took interest in biology somewhere around the age of nine years old when he was sent to a boarding school. He was not interested in school and was characterized as a slow learner. However, he enjoyed reading books, helping his brother with a chemistry lab in their backyard, and going for hikes throughout northern Wales.

He didn’t simply follow the rules. He followed his interests, which included studying animals and learning more about the world. He loved to read, and various books helped to peak his curiosity about biology even further. Rather than teachers being his mentors, it was the author of books. He was taught by John Edmonstone with regards to taxidermy skills and Reverend Gilbert in the form of reading “The Natural History of Selborne.”

Not many people know this part of Darwin because it’s part of his apprenticeship stage. Nothing profound happened, though it was what wasn’t happening that led to him being a major part of history and the world of science many years later.

Transforming Your Mind and Character

It’s difficult to leave the transformation stage and simply know what to do. We will adjust over time and likely find our way, but if mistakes are made, endless problems will occur. We may spend too much time entangled in various issues and never have a chance to truly reflect on our experiences.

Every individual must go through their own apprenticeship of sorts. There may be advice from a book, encouragement from a teacher, or something else. However, it is during the apprenticeship that you must actually declare yourself as independent, just as Darwin did. He realized at some point that school was not for him. It was not of interest for him and he found that his time was best suited hiking on trails and discovering the world around him.

Your mind and character are sure to be transformed when you declare your independence as opposed to having it declared for you once school is finished, sometime between the ages of 18 and 24.

Apprenticeship is not designed to give you money, a diploma, or a good position. It’s designed to help you transform your mind and character. It is what allows you to move forward towards mastery.

Entering Your Career

When you enter a career, you do so as an outsider. You are often full of misconceptions and naïve about the world in which you are now a part of. You are full of fantasies and dreams regarding your future. All of your knowledge is based upon emotions and insecurities, and this makes the world subjective. You have very little experience. Over time, you ground yourself into the reality you have created. You learn how to work with others and how to handle criticism.

Once you have been in your career for a while, you transform yourself and become disciplined and focused. You become a master of yourself, and you make important decisions, including where you are going to work in order to gain more experience and obtain practical knowledge.

Darwin was constantly pushing himself and it was at Cambridge University that he was able to make a profound impact on his future. You will have these turning points within your life as well – and it’s important to embrace them. You have to seek out the challenges as he did.

Darwin eventually went above and beyond his training. He became a master and eventually was named as the father for evolutionary biology. This is because of his determination and his ability to go beyond that of his apprenticeship.

There’s a lot to be learned here. Don’t play it safe. Actively explore and go into the world with an open mind and spirit. It is here where you will be able to do the most good – and an options trading advisory service is a great launching point. Financial Markets Wizard will be your mentor to help train you to where you need to be. Join and take advantage of the services today

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