Important Markets Analysis

I had been asked by many about important markets analysis and what I think of markets.

Gurus are shorts.

They are running their bearish commentaries as usual.

Scaring the heck out of everybody to make short-term gains for themselves.

Predicting market crash.

Some are saying 50% down.

Some are saying 67% down.

Some are even saying 80% down. This means end of earth is near.

Holy Moly!

So what does Noshee say?

Noshee says “Market is going up!”

There are so many markets.

So many indicies.

So many ETFs.

So many currency pairs.

So many countries doing their own things.

I am confused. Help me. That is what I hear!

So what we do!

Well if you are trading US markets then you look for clues in US markets.

Why would we go to Timbuktu market and see what is going on there? What their government is doing which will effect US Market. If it is affecting US Market then it must be showing in US markets. Look for the clues in US Markets.

Anticipating the move is always a bad idea. Reacting to the market is always good idea.

Otherwise you are trading blindly!

So I am long Dow Jones via DIA Calls.

Lately DIA has been giving many clues for long.

 On Friday when we woke up futures were down. Dow Jones down about 90 Points.

 Sent alert to members to watch Dow Jones future to bounce back above 17,500 and it did. It closed at 17,670.

What a reversal!

When this happens then watch out bear!

Bulls are coming!

Some bears who still think Friday’s up move was fluke will see what happens this week.

I expect market to move up and they will be getting stopped out of their shorts from individual stocks or indices.

DIA could hit $185-$187 in near future.

But I don’t mind seeing it at $182-$183.

Above are the important markets analysis

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