Penny For Your Thoughts – August 30, 2015

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There are two views among investment community.

Some are saying market has bottomed and will continue its up move and the recent fall was just a blip in the bull market.

Some are saying we will see another leg down. Following is my view of the market as I see with my own two eyes.

In early July I spotted the weakness in the market as S&P just could not break through 2135 level. So I started buying Puts in various stocks.

On July 17th, I got my first sell signal in the market and I started buying more Puts in various stocks.

Lot of traders analyze only price chart and not the time chart. Analyzing price chart is very simple whereas analyzing time chart is highly complicated.

Based on time chart analysis, I had figured that August 12th – 14th is the date range where my markets chart (I have developed my own) should give me another sell signal. If this sell signal is generated then big down move will occur. And that is exactly what happened.

On August 12th before market open, I got my second upcoming sell signal. Therefore an email was sent to members informing them that market is expected to give a sell signal and if this sell signal is confirmed then expect big down move.

Market fell on August 12th but recovered by the close. After market close second email was sent to members informing them that even though markets have recovered but our sell signal is confirmed and expect a big down move. And then we know what happened to the markets.

Now the question is has the market bottomed on August 24th or there is another down leg and if there is another down leg (another low) then when the market is expected to bottom.

Based on time analysis markets, are supposed to bottom on October 10th, 2015. But it is Saturday. So it means market should bottom either on October 9th (Friday) or October 12th (Monday).

The next question is if the market is supposed to bottom on October 9th then when the current upward move is supposed to be halted.

The chart which is based on both time and price analysis telling me that S&P could move to 2040 and then fall. The time is supposed to be September 14th plus minus three days.

In summary, markets are expected to move up for next 7-10 days but not with strength, some stocks move up, some down, some sideways. Those which move up have no strength and thus ready to fall fast.

The down move which I expect till October 9th could take S&P to 1750, Dow Jones to 15,000 and NASDAQ 100 to 3150.

But only God knows better and nobody on this planet earth knows what is next.

Please note in my markets analysis there are no “ifs”, “buts”, “if this happens” then “that will happen” and “If this does not happen, then that will not happen”.

You are not left scratching your head as to what did I just said and after few weeks I say “I told ya”, “but you don’t listen”, “when will you listen?”, “Are you going to listen next time?” blah blah blah.

If you are not a Financial Markets Wizard Member then I suggest you become today even if you have to skip brushing your teeth tonight. You can always get to those pearly whites afterwards! 🙂 Lets face it! Brushing your teeth will not make you any money.

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