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In the previous post https://tester-czar.cyberwrath.tech/archives/2027

two important numbers for S&P were mentioned, 1442 and 1430 as support. On September 25th, S&P dropped big but closed at 1442. Next day it went down further and touched 1430 and bounced upward. Friday it closed at 1440.67. 1430 was important number for the month of September on close basis. Since S&P closed above 1430 in the month of September, therefore, I expect S&P to rise upward towards 1490-1525 level.

In its journey towards 1500 S&P will meet resistance at 1452-1455 level, 1465-1471 level and then at 1485. Market should start rising from October 3rd as this is an important turn date.


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