Technical Analysis of ANTM CHTR and NFLX

Technical Analysis of ANTM

Yesterday ANTM gapped down and closed at 50-day moving average.

Today it moved up further.

So why it moved up further?

ANTM right now is sandwiched between 50-day and 200-day moving average.

Next step for ANTM is to pop up above 200 day moving average and close above. And then it is off to races.

Our target is $137-$138 and then $142-$143

$136 is resistance with that tiny candle (spinning top) having long wick four days ago.

Chart of ANTM shown below:








Technical Analysis of CHTR

CHTR formed solid hammer on 50-day moving average. Today it gave buy signal. Our target is towards $143

Chart of CHTR shown below:








Technical Analysis of NFLX

NFLX gapped down on earnings yesterday after market closed. Some stocks after gapping down reverse to upside. Some stocks after gapping down continues going down. Some stocks do nothing and waste time.

In order for trader to know what the stock will do after gapping down he/she needs to know the low made during pre-market and/or after-market hours. Once he/she knows this then watch the stock during regular session and see what is happening. Is the stock violating the premarket hours low or holding above. What is the price action on 5-minute chart? Is it holding some key support? In case of NFLX it held $84-$85 level yesterday and we went long with Calls. Today on the pop we exited with nice profit.

Chart of NFLX shown below:








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