Technical Analysis of NFLX and VRX

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Look at this chart and see how pretty NFLX is sitting on 50 day moving average.

How you can go short on NFLX when you have chart like this?


When you see back to back tiny hammers on some moving average,  that is another clue that this is support.

Do you see another bullish pin bar forming on NFLX today?

And then another clue is that the low of these tiny hammer candles are higher than previous candles

This means that buyers come in fast before stock reaches previous low

thus forming higher low

They are in a hurry to buy it back…

So stock like this we need to nibble here and there.

just like that…

Target is $99-$100


VRX is coming down 

My target is around 12-13

at least 16

Currently at 23

One day it will come to 16

It was being compared with Berkshire Hathaway one time, by Bill Ackman (its biggest investor)

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