Update on Technical Analysis of TIF, SRPT, AAPL and WDC

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“I need money, badly, but not badly enough to do one dishonorable, shady, borderline, or ‘fast’ thing to get it.” –¬†Ernest Hemingway

On September 14th, 2016 we sent you complimentary trades alerts on TIF and SRPT. And before that we sent you AAPL and WDC trades alerts.

Did you trade these?

We did!

We said that we had gone long on these stocks via Calls.

Did you see what happened to SRPT today? Jumped up 92% in case you don’t know. And TIF ran up next day of sending you the alert.

Update on SRPT Calls

Today SRPT jumped 92%

Gains = 209.09%

We had bought October 35 Calls for $5.50 and we sold it for $17.00 today.

Update on TIF Calls

We had bought November 70 Calls for $2.90 and sold it for $4.40 Gains = 51.72%

Update on AAPL Calls

We had sent you alert on AAPL.
We bought November 115 Calls for $1.75 and sold it for $3.25 and $3.70 and $4.70.

Gains = 85.71%

Update on WDC Calls

We had also sent you complimentary trade alert on WDC.

We bought November 55 Calls for $2.50 and sold for $3.90.

Gains = 56.00%

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Here are TIF and SRPT charts as of today. Take a look and compare.



PS: Below is the TIF and SRPT email we sent out to you.


Today we went long on TIF and SRPT Calls

Charts of TIF and SRPT shown below:



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